Where science meets nature

Bioverter is scientifically engineered to make it easy to enrich soil with natural compost and help plants thrive.

Bioverter unit on patio surrounded by plants

Create your garden's superfood

The key to nourishing your plants is right in front of you. About half the waste discarded by Australians can be returned to the earth as a super soil enhancer. Put it to good use and breathe new life into your garden.

Adding kitchen wastes to Bioverter

Feed the process

Skip the landfill and retain all the deep organic goodness available in kitchen scraps and leafy garden waste. Layer the waste in our secure feeder space, close the lid and kickstart your journey to a healthier garden.

Collecting solid compost from Bioverter

Let science take over

Our custom system has been industrially designed to speed up microbial action which unlocks nutrients in your wastes. Protected from external influences, our unit creates the perfect controlled environment for compost microbes to do all the work.

Watering plants with liquid compost

Reap the rewards

Our refined system captures every valuable element from the waste, creating nutrient dense compost without wasting the juice. Together, these two outputs return organic matter to the soil and provide essential ingredients for plants to prosper.

Soil is your garden's foundation.

Solidify it with nutritious homemade compost.

Australian by nature

Bioverter is an Australian invention brought to life with expertise from the CSIRO and Australia’s top research university. Crafted from deep thought, designed with purpose and refined through trials, the homegrown innovative system remains proudly 100% Australian owned.

Our locally made units use at least 25% recycled plastic to ensure as light a touch on planet Earth as possible, while giving back so much more.

Advanced solution

Bioverter supports compost microbes like no other. Designed to keep them going on their own, it turns organic waste into consistent, quality output.

Hands-off composting

Simply put wastes in the the top and let compost flow out at the bottom. Bioverter provides proper aeration and cuts out the hard work of mixing.

Enjoy real results

Expedite the natural waste breakdown process. Gather every nutrient for optimal output. Easily access rich compost and juice through slide-out collectors.

The easiest solution you'll find for richer soil

Great soil, healthy garden

Nutrients and organic matter are taken out of garden soil by growing plants. Replenish them with a natural booster that keeps your soil in top condition and your plants flourishing.

Turn waste into garden wonder

Take a natural soil enrichment process and streamline it, all the while reducing your landfill.

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Cook a treat for your plants

Cook the waste fast and finish with a spell of rest - our proven recipe to make crumbly soil-like compost.

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Ready to invest in your garden soil? Start transforming your waste.