The breakdown

Bioverter has a controlled environment which is scientifically engineered to ensure maximum transfer of goodness from everyday organic waste to garden soil.


Put waste in regularly

Add kitchen waste in the top of the unit. Your waste can include vegetables, fruits, pasta, bread, cut flowers and coffee grounds.

A thin layer of non-food waste like paper and leafy plant trimmings between contributions helps get the right nutritional balance and ensures a steady stream of rich outputs.


Gravity pulls it through

Bioverter is a no-mix, continuous system, designed with aeration and temperature control to create perfect conditions for natural microbes to break down waste. It maximises the return of nutrients and organic matter to your soil.

All waste matter is pulled down by gravity, shrinking and darkening as it descend.


Harvest your bounty

After nature and gravity have done their jobs, your rewards can be found in the convenient slide-out collectors in the base of the unit.

The bespoke design of Bioverter ensures no nutrient is wasted, capturing all useful matter as compost solids and juice, to help vitalise your plants and garden.

Unearth a simple way to cultivate healthy soil with your waste.

See what Bioverter looks like in action.

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Stylized recycling process in Bioverter unit