Waste to wonder

Waste to wonder

Transform your garden with goodness in waste.

First, unlock goodness in waste

Unlocking nutrients is simple when you break down wastes fast with a no-mix system like Bioverter, and capture all goodness with pull-out collectors for easy harvesting.

Then turn unlocked goodness into soil richness

Your compost harvest wants to evolve into a final soil-like form. Leave it to rest, and nature will help create either great topsoil or soil superfood, depending on what you do with it:

Fresh topsoil

Spread compost harvest on your soil and cover it with standard garden mulch. Fully rested harvest ends up as crumbly, highly beneficial topsoil.

Soil superfood

Put your harvest in a worm pop-up. Free-range earthworms come to it to feed, multiply and produce nutritious worm casts. Uneaten parts turn into soil-like compost.

Helpful info

Everyday waste to garden wonder.

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Aerate your wastes to keep things flowing

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